Filming locations from the 2001 film “Blow” starring Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz

Screenshots forthcoming…

George and Tuna’s Apartment
5361 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach CA (Apartment is no longer there)
Google Street View

Acapulco Mansion
Villa Casa Mansión La Cima, Acapulco Mexico
Bing Aerial View

Liquor Store Phone Call
506 Center St, El Segundo CA
Bing Aerial View

Colombian Mansion
10425 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles CA
Bing Aerial View

50 Kilo pick-up for Diego in Miami
Beach Plaza Hotel, 2010 E. Ocean Blvd, Long Beach CA
Google Street View

George’s Mansion
918 N. Alpine Dr, Beverly Hills CA
Bing Aerial View

Miami Motel #2
Holiday Lodge Motel, 1631 W. 3rd St, Los Angeles CA
Google Street View

George picking up his daughter from school
James Madison Elementary, 515 E. Ashtabula St, Pasadena CA
Google Street View

George dropping his daughter off at home
858 N Oakland Ave, Pasadena CA
Google Street View

DISCLAIMER: Screenshots are used for the purpose of providing location context only... not as part of a giant master plan to infringe on any copyrights. If they need to be removed for some legal reason, or you just don't want people on the interwebs viewing pictures while they read, drop me a line here and let me know.

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