Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Southern California filming locations from the 2001 film Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Jay and Silent Bob Hitchhiking
E. 5th St, Camarillo CA
Google Street View
Note: I am about 98% sure this is where it was filmed, although the farm fields seem to have changed a bit since then

Jay and Silent Bob Meet Justice at Mooby’s
6223 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood CA
Google Street View

Liquor Store
20001 Roscoe Blvd, Winnetka CA
Google Street View

Provasik/Colorado Diamond Exchange Heist
27220 Turnberry Ln, Valencia CA
Google Street View

Desert Diner
Vasquez Rocks, 10700 Escondido Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita CA
Bing Aerial View

Monkey Gets Captured
Pyramid Lake, Castaic CA
Bing Aerial View

Jay and Silent Bob Get Dropped Off in Hollywood
Corner of Argyle and Selma, Los Angeles CA
Google Street View

Getting the Location of Miramax from Drug Dealers
El Centro Ave, Just North of Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles CA
Google Street View

Miramax Studios
CBS Studios, 4024 Radford Avenue, Studio City CA
Google Street View

Bluntman and Chronic Movie Premiere
El Rey Theater, 5515 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles CA
Google Street View

DISCLAIMER: Screenshots are used for the purpose of providing location context only... not as part of a giant master plan to infringe on any copyrights. If they need to be removed for some legal reason, or you just don't want people on the interwebs viewing pictures while they read, drop me a line here and let me know.

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