The Pick of Destiny

Guitar Center
2660 E. Colorado Blvd, Pasadena CA
Bing Aerial View

Alex’s Bar
2913 East Anaheim Street, Long Beach CA
Bing Aerial View

Desert Cafe
Halfway House Cafe, 15564 Sierra Hwy, Santa Clarita CA
Google Street View

Rock and Roll History Museum
Brandeis-Bardin Institute House of Book, Simi Valley CA
Bing Aerial View

Driving Down the Stairs
110 Ocean Blvd next to the Long Beach Symphony, Long Beach CA
Google Street View

High Speed Chase Car Crash
Corner of 1st St. and Elm Ave, Long Beach CA
Google Street View

DISCLAIMER: Screenshots are used for the purpose of providing location context only... not as part of a giant master plan to infringe on any copyrights. If they need to be removed for some legal reason, or you just don't want people on the interwebs viewing pictures while they read, drop me a line here and let me know.

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  2. JUAN LUYO says:

    Whish museum is Tenacious Din Sacramento California???

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