Main Locations

This page is currently being updated. Screenshots, more complete addresses and information to follow….

Hank’s Loft
26 Brooks Ave, Venice CA
Google Street View

Bill, Karen and Mia’s House
2420 McKinley Ave, Venice CA
Google Street View

38 Market St, Venice CA
Google Street View

Equator Books, 1103 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice CA
Google Street View

Mayflower School
540 S Commonwealth Ave Los Angeles CA
Google Street View

DISCLAIMER: Screenshots are used for the purpose of providing location context only... not as part of a giant master plan to infringe on any copyrights. If they need to be removed for some legal reason, or you just don't want people on the interwebs viewing pictures while they read, drop me a line here and let me know.

20 Responses to Main Locations

  1. benb says:

    I had the chance to pass by L.A, and noted where brook avenue where, didn’t have chance to see the other ones, but that was already really cool 😀
    In reality, there are no tags nothing on the building though, it’s pretty hard to recognize at first.
    Nice website you have here. Cheers

  2. Mark Kelly says:

    Dude I love this website I went to Hanks house last weekend for the second time! I wish I saw your site before I went I woulda got to see the other spots. Are you gona post more by any chance?!?!?!?

  3. Alejandro says:

    I am going To Venice on the 18 and i want yo see as ma y Locations specially the bar with the pool Table that you see in sea son 6 and 7. Also Charlie House in Malibu.. Where aré the de 2 Locations Exactly .. Thanks

  4. Alex mican says:

    I would be interested to find out the exact location at the airport where Hank used to sit in the car and the planes would pass right above him really really close.
    Thank s

  5. Cullen says:

    Do you know if the interior of Hank’s apartment was shot at that location or studio?

    • James says:

      The first episode was shot there. The rest was shot on a set. Just check out the interior of Hank’s apartment in S01E01 and the interior of Hank’s apartment in the other episodes for comparison.

  6. Criscilla says:

    Hey, love this page, thank you! Looking forward to seeing more address locations. Planning a road trip and doing stops at a bunch of film locations from my fave shows, keep up the good work!

  7. KarenB says:

    Where is the canal you see them go to with the walking bridges going across it?

  8. Simon says:

    Hey guys,

    I live in the UK and wondered if anyone know roughly how much would it cost to buy a place like Hanks Loft in Venice if it was for sale?

  9. Terry Roberts says:

    Back yard canal area of Karen and Hank condo.

  10. Tyler says:

    Roughly 3 mill USD according to Zillow. It might be more or less but I’m judging based on the surrounding lofts.

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  12. Jason lupo says:

    Awesome site!I live in vegas but we go to Santa Monica and Venice all the time.Its kind of a tradition for us!!Anyways thanks for the info I’m the biggest fan.Californication is still one of my favorite shows to date.

  13. Tommy says:

    Nice little tip for those who didn´t already know: The Doors took promo shoots for the Morrison Hotel album by Elektra Records in front of Hank´s house in 1969. And also in front of “Drink Coca Cola” mural (50 Brooks Avenue) in the same street.

  14. Hank says:

    Thanks for info.
    That series is still cool today.
    Love it.

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