Hart of Dixie

Wilmington, North Carolina filming locations from “Hart of Dixie” starring Rachel Bilson

Zoe’s Medical School Graduation
Hoggard Hall, UNC-Wilmington, 601 S. College Rd, Wilmington NC
Bing Aerial View

Zoe Gets Dropped Off in Town
Near 110 East Moore Street, Southport NC
Google Street View

Wilkes’ Medical Practice
308 S. 2nd St, Wilmington NC
Google Street View

Mayor’s Plantation
2609 Shandy Ln, Wilmington NC
Bing Aerial View

The Dixie Stop
26 South 2nd Street Wilmington NC
Google Street View

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85 Responses to Hart of Dixie

  1. Michael says:

    If your going to make a show about Alabama then film it in Alabama why don’t you it makes me mad that you don’t it makes us alabamaians feel like your making fun of us so film it here in Alabama make us proud of having movies named after our great state so what we have southern hospitality it’s better than being mean northern people no wonder north and south US was at war hahaha.

    • Alan says:

      Michael I agree 100% if you are going to make a movie about our great state then make it in our state. You might as well film it in one of those Yankee states. Maybe in Canada, they could have saved some money.

      • Nathan Byrd says:

        Somebody please tell me what makes it the “great” state of Alabama?? If I made a show about Alabama, I would film it in NC too if I had the choice..

    • Lacy says:

      I sooooo agree, how depressing! I lived in alabama for a year and I’m a healthcare professional and was so excited to see a medical/romance show filmed in Bama. Not. 🙁

    • Joe Anderson says:

      It’s a show. Please accept the south as the south. As it’s all beautiful as I have lived in North Carolina Georgia Alabama and Florida. Beautiful all around.

    • Robert Dunn says:

      The above statement is exactly why the Show wasn’t filmed in Alabama. The grammar, the lack of punctuation and complete lack of a coherent sentence. After reading your rant I would film as far from Alabama as possible in case stupidity is contagious.

      • Negin T says:

        I understand we all have our different opinions but what’s the point of bashing on each other like this? How about we agree to disagree? Otherwise, in my opinion, we are causing more bickering and hate between each other. And remember, hate carries heavy on the hart (see what I did there

      • LeAnn says:

        I’m curious why so many people want to leave nasty comments about filming locations and the state of Alabama. Do y’all seriously not have anything better to do than scroll around the internet looking for an argument?! Who cares if the show was mostly filmed in North Carolina? NC is a gorgeous state! I know that not all of it was filmed in NC because I have seen B roll shots of my hometown…Jasper, Alabama. The filming industry films at all different kinds of locations and then portrays it as somewhere else. They’ve been doing it for decades. It’s not an issue. At least, I thought it wasn’t Maybe I missed the memo

  2. NC Pam says:

    Since when did North Carolina, and one of the most southern parts thereof, become “north?” And it takes filming studios and so much more to be able to do a show. Wilmington has invested the time and money necessary to support the filming industry. Most shows aren’t filmed in the areas they depict. It’s a testament to Alabama that a show based on that area is doing so well when so many viewers are not familiar with the state.

    • Jimmy says:

      It’s sweet you think North Carolina is in the South

      • Kaylie says:

        Last I checked states south of the mason dixson is the south and if you look at a map of the US divided into sections it clearly states south!!! And you clearly haven’t been to North Carolina in the Wilmington area

      • Alexis says:

        You are obviously dumb and have never been to NC if you don’t think it is in the South. I was born and raised on the coast of NC and I live in Biloxi MS now and NC was by far more southern than this shit hole.

      • Belinda says:

        LMAO! This is the Best Statement that I have read by far!

  3. Adam Gunn says:

    My goodness. Who would ever try to make Alabamians feel like they’re less then the greatest people on earth? I mean, think of all the great things that are in Alabama!

    Still thinking . . .

  4. maddie says:

    if anything this tv show has made me crave to live in alabama. yes they should have filmed it there because alabama is probably beautiful,i wouldn’t know because i don’t live there. but this show doesn’t give anybody a bad name. and you should not be mad that they didn’t film it in alabama. they portray alabama as a great place to live, a fun place to live

  5. ROCK says:

    I am Floridian, but I do agree… the filming of the show should have been in the Great State of Alabama.

  6. Leah Edrington says:

    What! North Carolina Really

  7. Raquel W Tate says:

    I love the show! Im from Mobile and live in Gulf Shores in the Summer. I lived in Tuscaloosa and a huge Bama fan! Not everything in the show is accurate but it’s close. I have to agree if the setting is supposed to be in Alabama it should be filmed here….Roll Tide!!

  8. SJNC says:

    Many shows and movies are filmed in Wilmington.. Not to offend the locations they are set in but because Wilmington has the largest sound stage on the east coast, also NC offers a 25% tax incentive to support the film industry.

  9. Laurie Turberville says:

    I am from Mobile, AL and I do see shots of local places shown before, during and after the show. But ALABAMA is beautiful and so if you set a show in a certain area…. then film it there!!!!

  10. angela says:

    It is a cw show and they have used Wilmington for several shows like Dawsons Creek and One Tree Hill. They are also not the only ones. over 100 shows and top selling movies were produced there. Wilmington is like almost a little Hollywood when it comes to filming.

  11. Stanley Roberson says:

    I love the show. I think it has a great cast, great story, and although not filmed here, being from south Alabama, it looks the same. If I hadn’t researched the location, I would have assumed that it was actually filmed here. It is very entertaining. The accents are good, and a little embellished; but for the most part spot on. I have enjoyed it from the beginning and I hope the writers can keep going for seasons to come! Roll Tide!

  12. Nicole says:

    If people who live in Alabama are so concerned about this and other Shows being filmed there than why don’t they do something about it. You all can go to your local chamber of commerce and open you purse strings and build millions of dollars worth of sound And stage equipment. You can also fork out the millions in fees and other resources the cast and crew need. If not quit crying and be happy you have a show depict your state as I’m sure although filmed in North Carolina still has helped your economy. And being from northern New York I definately consider North Carolina south as does much of the country.

  13. Nodiepode says:

    Arkansas. Its just as beautiful as North Carolina or Alabama and there’s no question it’s in the South. Go Hogs. ..
    That is all..

    • Kaylie says:

      Thank you, it’s just curtain parts don’t act like it. Like where I live in NC they don’t seem like it but man you go to Wilmington and man will you feel welcomed like the southerns do

  14. Maybelle says:

    I’m from North Carolina. I’ve lived here my whole life. Trust me when I say that NC is just as south and southern as other southern states. Each state has their own southern charm to it too. Aside from that, I do, however, agree that even though NC has beautiful scenery the main filming shots and spots should have actually taken place in Alabama due to it’s unique charm.

  15. united says:

    When will y’all realize we are one country. This north and south thing needs to stop. My mother was born and raised as a very proud Yankee and my pops, well he’s a southern raised rebel and I have had the great pleasure of putting roots right here in Georgia. Not all northern folk are mean. Y’all so stuck on the past you can’t see the present or future. I agree a movie should be filmed in the state its about. However, producers do this with all shows and movies not just hart of Dixie. By no means did the producers aim to make Alabama any less interesting. Grow up people.

  16. Lower Alabama says:

    This show looks like it loosely depicts Fairhope, AL, over on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay. Many folks have filmed movies down here – I am surprised they actually didn’t do their filming in Mobile and Fairhope but I am sure they had their reasons. For those who haven’t been down here – Mobile and the Eastern shore (Fairhope/Daphne) along with the beaches (Orange Beach/Gulf SHores/Dauphon Island) are truly awesome. C’mon down and check it out for yourself.

    • Femilton says:

      I am here because of the show. And I loved it!

    • Bess Fulcher says:

      Best answer so far in this debate; I grew up in Alabama and have lived in NC most of my life; I too thought it looked like Fairhope; Fannie Flagg wrote a novel “A Redbird Christmas” from Magnolia Springs, Al. ..I made a vacation to enjoy it and Point Clear, Al where the Grand Marriott is awesome

  17. Kentuckian! says:

    I love this show!! Ever since I started watching it I have wanted to plan a trip to “Blue Bell, Alabama”! My heart is a little crushed to find out this show was filmed in North Carolina. 🙁

    • Karen says:

      Just visit Fairhope, Al …. it is lovely and very close to what is depicted.

    • Cherry says:

      There is no Blue Bell Alabama on the Eastern shore of South Alabama.

      • Angie says:

        I was born and raised in Southeast Alabama. I am extremely proud to be an Alabamian. Those who make fun of our state have probably never been there. In addition, the town of Bluebell is based upon a real town in Alabama called Pleasant Point, which is not far from where I live now. There are actually towns in Alabama that are exactly like Bluebell. The town I grew up near, Troy, AL is very similar. We had, and still have, a town square in our downtown area. We are home to Troy University where many intelligent young men have graduated. Do not talk about a state, or town within that state, unless you have lived there and know what goes on.

  18. Kevin Snyder says:

    Alabama made the space vehicle that put a man on the moon. Alabama makes Mercedes, Hyundai and now Airplanes for Airbus. Yes I’m one of those stupid Alabamians. No need to come down here and show us how it’s done.

  19. Dusty says:

    I love this show & was pleased to find that the stereotypical Southern charm is indeed real in some areas on a recent trip through Tennessee, Mississippi & Louisiana.

    I understand that it’s frustrating that the filming location & setting are different. As an Albertan, I see this constantly. Our beautiful province is used in tons of movies and tv in place of everything from Colorado to Wyoming to other areas.

    The folks in Blue Bell remind me of the small town where I grew up, with distinct quaint “Southern” differences.

    • Bess Fulcher says:

      I spent at least watching the whole series of “Heartland” and Loved it…visited your area incl. Jasper, Lake Louise, Banff and Calgary……began In Seattle and went to Victoria, Vancouver, Whistler, all the way to Jasper and enjoyed every minute..Taulk Tour in 2006. What a beautiful country you have.

  20. Nina says:

    The shows gives Alabama the reputation it desperately needs. Since Alabama is considered a very unwelcome state for non white.

  21. Sherrie' says:

    I live in Baldwin County Alabama where this show represent it’s location. Where it is as beautiful as the location it was filmed. (North Carolina) It is ashame that they did not use the real places.

  22. Brenda Jackson says:

    I grew up in Mobile and moved to Oregon at age 26. Just found this program on Netflix and an enjoying it a lot. I, too, thought it was filmed in Fairhope. Alabama is a beautiful state, regardless of where this is filmed, and I think think shows the beauty, charm, hospitality and uniqueness that I associate with my home town and state. Incentives drive production in the film industry as in all other industry. Thank you for this southern beauty.

  23. jeff says:

    Wilmington is a movie “HUB”……………….get over it Alabama people!

  24. Nicolas Cage, along with director Paco Cabezas seemed to think Mobile, Alabama was fine like it was to film the movie “Rage”. Historical landmarks were used to film several big scenes.

  25. Clair Bryan says:

    Sure, this series is shallow. It’s supposed to be. Like Sienfield and others its cute and colorful and fun. And like most filming it was set in another place. Who cares. The story and the acting is deliciously silly. Don’t you get a little tired of Downton Abbey or CSI or the Grey’s Anatomy. It’s pretty clean and a great distraction.

  26. some_yahoo says:

    I liked the show and I’m from California. I shudder to think what Hollywood would have done with this show.

    Also I traveled to Huntsville once and was royally screwed by high hotel and rental car taxes. It’s like ‘Bama hates visitors or something. There may be weather and other local issues to deal with as well, as a TV show is filming Christmas episodes in September, etc.

    I would not read ‘hatred’ into this, it’s just the practicalities of getting the job done. I understand that Longmire was filmed in New Mexico, too.

    • Bess Fulcher says:

      I loved Longmire. I am from Alabama and lived in NC a long time. I was hoping it was filmed in Fair Hope, Al but I have a picture over my bed of the intro scene-William Mangum painting -gazebo and waterway of the same picture.

  27. Diane Dacey says:

    I enjoy all the shows characters with the exception of Zoe. She over acts and her manner and facial grimacing are too juvenile ; wish the star was recast. I would have to guess a family member was in the movie industry— no other way could she get that part!!!

  28. Matt says:

    Seriously? Guess what! Apollo 13 wasn’t filmed in space, or on the moon; Star Trek didn’t really have episodes on the planet of Vulcan; and literally MILLIONS of movies, sit-coms, plays, etc. represent a place other than where they really are. Time to start swimming in the deep end of the gene pool, and get over it.

  29. mike says:

    they showed lots of scene shots of my hometown jasper alabama in the show

  30. Eric L. Russ says:

    Only the pilot episode was filmed in NC. The entire series was filmed in California. They kept some of the outdoor shots of the Mayor’s Mansion and a few of the water shots from NC as well as some of the outdoor shots of Mobile and the gulf coast area of Alabama. I am from NC and love that they did have some shots of Wilmington area but still believe it should have been primarily shot in Alabama. I have been to Alabama and they have several small towns that remind me of Bluebell.

    • Bess Fulcher says:

      Totally on the same page with you=I am from Alabama-Huguley, Al or Lanett Alabama and have lived in NC a long time..Roll Tide!

  31. Cheyenne Hankins says:

    You guys who said you would not film in Alabama are stupid. The whole TV show is based in Alabama. I have lived here my whole life and never want to live anywhere else. I would have loved to see it filmed in Alabama. If it is about alabamians then I damn sure want to hear the accent and the improper grammer that comes with us here rednecks.

  32. Sandra J Atlanta Ga says:

    I think Zoe was great and beautiful. I am still watching all of the episodes on netflix. It has been very entertaining to me i love all of the characters on the show. Wade is so hot.

  33. Jojo says:

    I love this TV show Heart of Dixie!!!! I loved it so much. I wanted to pack my family up and movie to the town. I looked up the town to find out more. Now, I know it was Wilmington North Carolina. Is somewheres I’ve always wanted to move to. From a young age of 12yrs old . I have live in the western part of North Carolina my whole entire life visited Wilmington when I was 12 years old. I fell in love with it then.Ok, now I know why was so drawn to the tv show. But if they were a place in Alabama, that was just like the TV show Heart of Dixie in Alabama. I would move there in a heartbeat!!!!!

  34. Nina cavanaugh says:

    I truly feel in love with this show! It is sad to say that I am watching it again for the 4 th time. Sure wish there would have been more seasons. If you like this type of show it is the best.

  35. Missy says:

    Just watched 4 seasons in about a week couldn’t stop watching show. Would love to see the shows season 5…….

  36. Kaitlyn says:

    I’ve lived in Alabama my whole life and the way people depict us is ridiculous. My father grew up in Iowa and lived in many other states, but ended up staying here were he met my mother. The people of Alabama are very kind and we are educated. I know, shocker right? I attend the Univeristy of Alabama. UAB is one of the top hospitals in the country located in Birmingham. We also aren’t racist, if anything, we all get along great. It’s beautiful here and yes it does look similiar to the locations in NC. But for practicality I can see why they filmed it there. Every state has its pros and cons. No need to criticize everything.

  37. Caithleen K says:

    Love ‘Hart Of Dixie’ love that it featured parts of Wilmington! We would love to see the show to come back!

  38. Brent Allen says:

    The reason it was not filmed in Alabama is because Alabama does not offer any tax incentives to bring such a big production there. The reason NC was only used on the pilot is because NC did away with their tax incentives and every single tv series packed up and left. That’s why it’s either at a studio in LA or in Georgia now because they offer incentives to come there. It has nothing to do with people or locations. Get over it

  39. Valerie Escalona says:

    I am hooked with the show! Just started to watch it few months ago. “Is like a car crash. I can’t stop watching!”

  40. Banny says:

    I completely agree with that statement about the character Zoe. You verbalized perfectly why I just could not connect with her.

  41. Sarah Jones says:

    One of the cut scenes in the episode where it snowed is downtown Greenville, SC. It only lasts a couple of seconds, but I recognized it immediately.

  42. Will Arledge says:

    My wife, son, and I love this show. It’s Mayberry meets Cheers. Good, clean, wholesome family show. We need more shows like this without all the vulgarity and nudity.

  43. Christopher Keller says:

    My wife and I adore this show !!! She’s originally from Michigan and me from Western Maryland ( the western counties that still have bears ) and we lived in Mobile, Al for two years due to her work. It was a urban area though with lots of crime so we ended up moving to Pa ( near Gettysburg). We love small town people! We got to know some people from Fair Hope when we were in Al. and loved the vibe … if we had the income to have lived in a decent area we never would have left! Roll Tide!

  44. Stacey says:

    Very disappointed! I like the show and love the setting. I have been trying to locate the town Bluebell Alabama and to find out where this was filmed because I really wanted to go visit and sightsee that area things that I love that scenery and type of town. I only come to find out it’s not even filmed in Alabama which was very disappointing. I think they should have been honest about where it was filmed.

  45. Stacey Pillari says:


  46. Diane DeBruhl says:

    @Sarah Jones Yes! I watched that episode today and I was like, that looks like Greenville! I took a quick video of that shot so I could confirm with my husband. We love Greenville! Especially downtown!

  47. Anna says:

    My husband and I really like the Heart Of Dixie and wish there were more episodes. We have Three shows that we loved watching and hope to see many more episodes 1 Call of the Heart
    2 Heartland and Heart of Dixie. We live in Florida and all of our friends love all 3 shows also and miss watching them . Please keep them going

  48. Chel says:

    I just got done watching all 4 seasons. I wish it would still be on I loved it.

  49. Shawn Owens says:

    Is there any more of the show of the series I love watching your guys’s show I wish there was more series to it stop

  50. Rosemary says:

    I love the series Hart of Dixie I live in Mississippi and I can relate to all the happenings in this town very good series

  51. Shawn Buckhana says:

    Love the Heart of Dixie, don’t know why they canceled it, I hope it’s one of those shows that they bring back, I miss this show and have rewatched it many times!

  52. Crystal Burns Lockee says:

    We need a reboot of Hart of Dixie and soon!!!
    And definitely need original cast members wouldn’t be the same without them!

  53. Mark Fenn says:

    Absolutely loved this show. Me and my wife watched every show and we thought it was fantastic. I’m from Alabama and I could really relate especially to the gulf.We would love to see it brought back. Faithful viewers

  54. Melissa M. says:

    Yes this show was great!!! Found it on Netflix and found out after watching first season it was filmed 5 years ago nooooooo! Needs a reboot please with same characters! Also what did Zoe and Wade name their baby?:)

  55. Rob and Sue Vogel, Massachusetts says:

    When the virus pandemic hit and my wife and I were staying home we ended up subscribing to Netflix. It was our first time ever on Netflix. We were looking around at the shows and ran across this show Heart of Dixie.
    We watched the first show and had to watch the next one and then the next. We had never heard of it before and we absolutely loved it. We felt just like we were part of that little town and we live in Massachusetts.
    We are sorry to see it end. We loved everything about the show and everyone in it. We would love to see it return someday in the future.
    Thanks you all for such a fun and entertaining show. WE LOVED IT ALL.

  56. Katie says:

    The medical Practice is for sale in Wilmington

  57. Marie Delgado NY says:

    Pls bring back Heart of Dixie with same cast. I just binged watched all 4 seasons. I love the show sad to see it end.

  58. Ashley says:

    I love this show so much I have rewatched it 20 times! My boyfriend and I are planning on visiting Wilmington NC summer 2021!!

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