Chicago and Los Angeles filming locations from the Showtime series “Shameless” with William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum

UPDATE 9-17-18: Season 9 locations are starting to be added here. I will eventually go and backfill Season 8 when I get a chance, since I just realized that I never actually added them.

NOTE: It has been noted by several readers that the area(s) where they film in Chicago are not the safest of neighborhoods, so I wouldn’t recommend going to check them out without the benefit of a police escort.

Locations by Season
Season One
Season Two
Season Three
Season Four
Season Five
Season Six
Season Seven
Season Eight
Season Nine


Gallagher House
2119 S Homan Ave, Chicago IL
Google Street View

Jackson House
1937 S. Spaulding Ave, Chicago IL
Google Street View

Kevin and Veronica’s House
2113 S Homan Ave, Chicago IL
Google Street View

Nightclub where Fiona meets Steve
5th St and Frank Ct, Los Angeles CA
Google Street View

Fiona’s Motel
3901 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago IL
Bing Aerial View

Fiona and Steve’s Restaurant / The Car Theft
Hotel 71, 71 E Wacker Dr, Chicago IL
Google Street View

Kash and Grab
Warner Bros. Back Lot, Burbank CA
View image on Flickr here and here

The Alibi Room
Warner Bros. Back Lot, Burbank CA
View image on Flickr here. It is the building to the right of the antique store.

Here is a Bing map marking some of the locations on the Warner Bros. lot
Shameless Warner Bros. Lot Locations

Additional Season One Locations

More screenshots to follow…

Ian and Veronica steal from dairy delivery guy – Episode 2
3459 West Ogden Avenue, Chicago IL
Google Street View

Fiona and Tony outside of church after awards banquet – Episode 3
2210 Sichel Street, Los Angeles CA
Google Street View

Frank walking past “Ian Gallagher is a dead man” wall
Corner of S. St. Louis Ave and W. Ogden Ave, Chicago IL
Google Street View

South Side Midnight Mission
Warner Bros. Back Lot, Burbank CA
View image on Flickr here. It is on the right hand side, about 4 buildings up.

Frank steals from Santa – Episode 3
2816 West Cermak Road, Chicago IL
Google Street View

Ian confronts Mandy – Episode 3
2829 W. Cermak Rd, Chicago IL
Google Street View

Lip gets beat up by Mandy’s brother – Episode 3
2849 W. Cermak Rd, Chicago IL
Google Street View

Mandy’s House – Episode 3
1955 S Trumbull Ave, Chicago IL
Google Street View

Tony’s Mom’s House – Episode 3
1918 S. Homan Ave, Chicago IL
Google Street View

Stolen Baby House – Episode 4
1936 S Spaulding Ave, Chicago IL
Google Street View

Frank trying to pawn his gold watch – Episode 7
603 S. Broadway, Los Angeles CA
Google Street View

Fiona and Steve’s Hotel – Episode 7
Millenium Biltmore Hotel, 506 South Grand Ave, Los Angeles CA
Google Street View

Steve’s Parent’s House – Episode 8 and 9
115 Dempster St, Evanston IL
Google Street View

Frank and Kevin See Monica at Grocery Store – Episode 9
3240 West Roosevelt Road, Chicago IL
Google Street View

Laundromat Where Karen Smashes Her Dad’s Car – Episode 11
2523 Cermak Rd, Chicago IL
Bing Aerial View

Frank’s Brother Clayton’s House – Episode 11
72 Salem Ln, Evanston IL
Google Street View

Lip and Ian’s Jail – Episode 12
3303 W. Ogden Ave, Chicago IL
Google Street View

Steve Makes Deal with Tony for the House – Episode 12
S. Vincennes Ave, between 76th and 77th St, Chicago IL
Google Street View

Fiona’s Job at Jasmine’s Office – Episode 12
2735 W. Cermak Rd, Chicago IL
Google Street View

DISCLAIMER: Screenshots are used for the purpose of providing location context only... not as part of a giant master plan to infringe on any copyrights. If they need to be removed for some legal reason, or you just don't want people on the interwebs viewing pictures while they read, drop me a line here and let me know.

209 Responses to Shameless

  1. hitandrun says:

    Any idea where the neighborhood bar is?

  2. mdeslaur says:

    Here’s a recent picture of the Warner Bros back lot that shows the Alibi Room.

  3. Alyssa says:

    Anyone know where the scene showing Steve’s mom’s house was filmed? Or the ones with Frank’s brothers’ houses? I am trying to determine which suburbs, if any, they filmed at. Thanks!

    • Geoff says:

      Steve’s parents’ home was filmed in Evanston, as was Frank’s brother Clayton’s house. I added them to the locations above.

  4. Jenny says:

    Anyone recognize the house used as the Jackson house on Spaulding? It looks familiar, perhaps from ER?

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  6. Tammy says:

    This is great. I hope it is updated for Season 2.

    • JULIE Miklos says:

      They are saying it is primarily filmed in LA this season.. Funny because last season, it was primarily filmed in Chicago.

  7. Jim says:

    They are looking for extras here in Chicago for November 7-11!

  8. Heather Skidds says:

    Extras needed? Email me if you need me.

  9. Maria says:

    Was the shows filmed inside the Chicago houses?

  10. C. K. says:

    Love this show!
    I’m originally from the Marquette Park area and I know some of those houses and locations. I like how the writers incoporate real places, too (one of them must be from the area). There’s the old Gloria’s Alibi Lounge on 79th & Pulaski, they reference all sorts of local dives, Frank goes to St. Thomas More to light a candle for Butterface, and the scene for Debbie’s sleepover party has a Weber’s cake! That bakery is an institution on the Southside!

  11. Jaki Stone says:

    OMG does anyone kno if they still need extra’s i would love to be on that show….

  12. Veronica says:

    The scene where Fiona returns the purse was filmed on Cedar St. (near Lake Shore) in the Gold Coast.

  13. Dennis says:

    Where is the Gallaghers swimming pool at? I saw the birds eye view and theres no swimming pool at the house

  14. tera vallelunga says:

    im visiting chicago soon and want to know if it is ok to see these houses and take a quick picture. just to show i was there. Shameless is one of my favorite shows.

    • Geoff says:

      They are private homes, but on a public street. So assuming no filming is going on, I am sure you could pose for a quick picture outside…

      • AreCee says:

        I went to the Jackson and the gallegher house a few days ago and realized that it was a bad idea to go at night (gangmembers roaming around), so I went back the next day during the daytime. Looked around and was stopped by a cop and asked if I was lost, and warned that the area is very dangerous.

        Be careful if you go.

        • jillian bell says:

          i know ..they sell drugs out of the gallager house 2119 and 2120 owned by the same family

        • Jaybee says:

          Man, that’s a NICE neighborhood compared to what it’s surrounded by if you go a few blocks in any direction. I’d say it’s actually relatively safe, particularly in the day, but you looked like a vic so the cop warned you. If you look like you’re not from Chicago (I don’t mean ‘Chicagoland’, I mean fucking Chicago, not burbs) you attract attention to yourself. I wish I could define “Not from Chicago” but when I see it, I know it. It’s a certain way of looking around and holding yourself that just says you aren’t from the hood.

          • Kurt says:

            Spent 8 years living in Glendale Heights. Used to go into the city all the time.

            I get what you mean by not from Chicago. I STOPPED telling people I was from Chicago years ago, cuz people would ask where I grew up via street names, then I would get called out for it. Ha ha. Lesson learned. Funny thing, you look on a map today, those Northwest Berbs are somtimes labeled as “West Chicago”. Shoot, they aren’t even in Cook County, but are in DuPage County.
            Personally, I wouldn’t go into any of the “Shamelss” locales in the South Side, unless I had a local with me.

          • Butterball says:

            Usually people who say that they wouldn’t “dare venture onto the south side” are white folks from then north side. They’ll tell you that the entire south side is a huge ghetto and that shootings occur every hour throughout the day – but check this out – they’ve never even VISITED the south side of Chicago – NOT ONCE. Their “knowledge” comes from what they hear on TV! My husband (who is white and from the north side) now laughs at his family members who supposedly have all the “scoop” on what the south side is like. When he begins asking them detailed questions – they become very quiet. I’ve seen some rat places on the north side as well as on the south side. In fact, I’d say many areas on the south side rival the north in terms of housing architecture, but minus the stupid parking permits and stupid parking altogether.

  15. Kristina says:

    I really want to write a letter to the cast and ask for a picture. Anybody have a correct
    address? Please e-mail me. thanks.

  16. bianca says:

    Visiting Chicago this week. 20 minutes away from the Gallagher house.
    Thinking about going just to take a couple of pictures.
    Just making sure that is THE house lol

  17. maria salazer says:

    the gallagher house is a drug house and so is 2120 south homan they are owned by the same family and anthony “charlie” bell sells drugs outta both houses with his great uncle “steve bell” so yes be careful. the owners old lady “annie bell” and her daughter “lizzy bell” dont care they just want all the money they can get

    • ShamelessSouthSider23 says:

      Well that sounds like something right out of Shameless!

      • curt says:

        I was at the Gallagher house over Labor Day weekend. My wife and I drove by then circled around the block again. I got out of our truck to take a picture and a woman across the street (Lizzy?) said it was ok to go on the porch and take a picture if we wanted. She was really nice to us and it made our day! At Kev and V’s house, there was a black and white cat by the door. I have seen that cat in a few episodes.

  18. Nika says:

    Do you know if the grocery store where Fiona just got hired is actually Super A in highland park, CA on York Blvd? My bf and I are trying to settle a bet lol I’ve been in that store so many times and its the exact same set up.

  19. a says:

    is it really unsafe to go see the house and take a picture? if its being used for a show i dont see how people can live in it or use it.. i really wanna go see it i just dont wanna die lol.

    • Victor D says:

      As a police officer in Chicago , just a lil advice. If you must go, go before 10 am…. Just sayin

    • Fluffy says:

      I’m sure when they film, the entire street is blocked off and police are everywhere.

      • jason says:

        no the police are not everywhere. that block is crazy its about 4 drug dealers over there even where they film and when they film those boys are selling to the crew … mrs. bell let em sell outta her house too .

        • Tina says:

          I legit just took a pic outside the house and even got to sit on the porch and take a pic. Every person i saw was friendly.

          • Abby says:

            Nothing sketchy? I just want a quick pic and leave. Staying on mag mile never been before. Saw all the other post but they were also 6 years ago

          • Krishna says:

            Same! Home owner (I’m assuming?) took the pictures on two different phones for us, took a selfie with us, and told us we could go look at the back of the house and yard if we wanted. She even had beer bottles for “props” to pose with on their porch. Very nice

  20. Cristian says:

    Would love to be an extra!!!

  21. No Shame says:

    Season 3 Episode 4 when “Fiona” is putting thumbtacks through the flier on the cork board at the grocery store inviting her female co-workers over to her house for coffee at 8:00 PM. If you look closely, it shows her address as being “2119 N Wallace” instead of “2119 S Homan Ave”. Also, there are some continuity errors. In the the 1st shot she tacks the flier over another sheet of paper. When the camera angle changes, the paper underneath disappears, then reappears when the angle goes back, this happens a couple times while “Fiona” talks with her co-worker . When “Lip” and “Mandy” are first riding in the ice cream truck going to the sister’s home, several of the shots of “Mandy” show her with heavy eyeliner makeup and her bangs appear “thick” covering her forehead equally, then a shot in between shows her with very little eyeliner and her bangs look scraggly and thinned out for some reason. When they get out of the truck and go inside the apartment, she’s still got heavy eye makeup and the bangs are thick. Driving from Chicago to Milwaukee is only a couple hours (in a slow moving ice cream truck) so chalk it up to lazy editing.

    • Dexter says:

      Frank gives their address as 2119 N. Wallace when he called child protective services.

      • lucy Powers says:

        2119 N. Wallace is industrial location (next to the free way, no homes) They probably don’t give out the actual address b.c it’s a residential home.

        • Eddiet says:

          Yes, but it’s kind of silly for a show that harps so much on being about South Siders to give an address that, by definition, is north of Madison.

  22. Erik R says:

    When do they start filming season 4? I Want To Be On This Show!

  23. Ray says:

    Hi anyone know where is that place from season 3 episode 8,
    when Jim and his bodyguard had a conversation, at the river front.

    • Geoff says:

      I added it to the locations for season 3. It was actually episode 9, but the location was basically Canal St and Fulton St in Chicago.

  24. AM says:

    Man I live 10 mins away from the area where they film the show and man do they make that area seem really nice

  25. Ray says:

    Any of you know a nice place of Chicago view, but please not those that we all know, like for example Hancook tower or lake shore drive.
    I’m looking for places like, Canal St and Fulton St in Chicago.


  26. jimmy says:

    Anyone know if the scenes filmed inside the shameless house is really filmed inside the house on Homan ave or a backlot in California? ??

  27. george says:

    the city of chicago needs to know that the security they have are all drug users and when they leave brian the crew manager hires the drug dealers to watch everyones car he is also sleeping with lizzy bell and lakeisha bell. this whole getup is full of crap and they are not to be trusted.

  28. nina says:

    Some of the worst areas in Chicago.

  29. Frank says:

    I desperately want the shooting location of the roof scene nearer the end of episode 12 of season 1. It’s of Lip & Karen sitting atop a building, the sign of the building adjacent says “Apollo” but it looks like too many stories to be the Apollo Theatre. Anyways, it had such a great view, I’d love to go up there sometime. Anybody know where that is?

    • Geoff says:

      It sort of looks like a faked background, but if it is real, the building is Apollo’s 2000 at 2875 W. Cermak in Chicago.

  30. Sergio Dukes says:

    I had a issue with what Update 2 said.
    I live on the north side of Chicago but, my bestfriend lives on the west side where they literally record right outside her house. The area is relatively quite, and every one mind’s their business and is respectful to the crew. You don’t need a police escort and whoever told you that is ignorant and only said that because, the neighborhood is predominantly African Amercians old ladies and their offspring. It’s only a troubled neighborhood if you’re going there looking for trouble. I travel across town all the time to the area, and can’t wait till they start recording because, I’m a huge fan of the show.

  31. robbie says:

    hey the great grandchild of the old lady that owns 2119 south homan was arrested for shooting at her cousins right in front of the gallagher house on monday sept. 2, 2013.. her picture is on cook county department of correction. she lives right across the street. her name is ashley harris.

  32. Dee says:

    Heading to Chicago next month for a concert, wanted to make a quick stop by the Gallagher house for a picture. Scale of 1 to 10, how dangerous would it be to do that in broad daylight on a Saturday? These comments have just about scared me off.

    • Matt says:

      Im in Chicago right now, willing to see those places. But, I read all comments then I decided not to go. Neighborhood is really dangerous?

    • Chad says:

      8/20/14. Just left the house. Showtime film crew was there. Said filming starts on Monday. Was there at 4 pm. No worries.

  33. H says:

    Visited Sept 2012. Put it this way; if you are white, you will stand out. We drove by in the morning and the locations do appear as in the show, but we did not get out of the car. A lady walked by as we stopped. She smiled because she knew what we were obviously up to.

  34. Sara says:

    I went by the Gallagher & Kev and Vs house yesterday . I apprently didn’t read the warning that this was a dangerous area . It appears to be completely gang infested about a block or two down. The police station is a couple houses down from the gallghers house which is probably why they chose to film it at that specific house . But I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to get out and take a picture infront of the house but I didn’t feel like it was safe enough to do so.

  35. michael says:

    No cop shop down the street. Just gang members

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  37. marlee says:

    I am from Michigan and recently moved to wicker park last Friday. Big fan of the show so I had my bf drive me to the gallaghers hhouse and Shelias. I got out of the car to pose in front but my bf wouldn’t get out of the car. Scary neighborhood for sure!

    • Moises Ibarra says:

      I drove by the Gallagher house today and took a picture from my car. It is a scary neighborhood. Getting crazy looks from three guys standing out in the street.

  38. bb says:

    Season 4? There are scenes filmed at Woodbury University (Burbank, CA) but I don’t know which specifically. Does anyone know?

    • 34 says:

      Mainly college scenes, dorms, classrooms(lip in class with the female professor and the desks with like a square shape, how the classroom desks are placed and she’s in the middle and he’s taking notes) I went to Woodbury and was on campus when they were filming, sadly I missed it!

  39. Dan says:

    Any Season 4s

  40. monica says:

    filming down on 5th and san pedro 1/29/14

  41. Ryan says:

    In season 3 episode 4, frank and Jodi are in a tattoo shop that closly resembles jade dragon. Any know for sure?

  42. kathi burg says:

    Did they shoot the Fiona jail scenes at sibil branch jail in LA?

    • Kathi Burg says:

      I just seen that some of the scenes where shot in la so I’m guessing I’m probally right about sibil branch jail in L.A. unfortunately I happen to know what it looks like and knew that was it when I saw it.

  43. Emma Jean says:

    I used to live a few blocks away from Kedzie and cermak, just to clear a few things up! IM WHITE! And it’s not as bad as all you people think. I mean yeah of you weren’t born and raised in Chicago then hell yeah it’s gunna be scary compared to the suburbs. I would not go at night if you don’t live in the city. Because you’re not familiar with the area and it’s a bit confusing. Also you’ll probably just annoy all of the neighbors who have to deal with all the filming and all the tourists taking pictures of their houses. They don’t even film in the house ever. Just on the front porch and the one scene where lip pees on frank. Sure it’s cool but you’re probably not going to get shot. I do advise that you don’t travel west. Shit gets a bit more “ghetto” as everyone seems to be putting it.

  44. Jessica says:

    I doubt anyone is going to be shot on site for taking a picture. Just go right after the sun comes up. Everyone will still be sleeping 🙂

    • Tim says:

      We went by there today. No problem what so ever there were two white as white could be, teenage girls from Wisconsin standing out front taking pictures. They even put up a donation bucket out front of the house if you want to donate after taking pics

    • Tim says:

      We went by there today. No problem what so ever there were two white as white could be, teenage girls from Wisconsin standing out front taking pictures. They even put up a donation bucket out front of the house if you want to donate after taking pics.

  45. Pedro says:

    I’ll be in Chicago Thursday. I had plans to visit a couple locations but all these comments have really scared me from doing so. I don’t know, we’ll see. I wanted to know if you know the address for Mickey’s house.

  46. Chgoworkr says:

    Just an FYI to all readers … To those who say this area isn’t “too bad” you are sadly mistaken! There is a police headquarters 3 blocks away and the neighborhood is awful! I know this because my firehouse is down the street! I see the inner workings of that neighborhood so if you choose not to adhere to the warnings please use CAUTION when attempting to visit the houses! Side note … shameless is running 24/7 at our firehouse!! I must say it is pretty awesome to see the houses, but, the bangers in the neighborhood don’t care who you are, your in their territory! So please be careful!! Now if I could just get detailed there on a day they film! Hmmm …

  47. not the south side says:

    Ogden and St. Louis, 19th and Spaulding, etc are theWestside.

  48. eltrut says:

    Hey…I just noticed in season 4 episode 10 when Lip picks up Fiona and they stop at the carryout place. That carryout place is actually called “Lynwood Carryout”. They just changed the sign to “Kenosha Carryout”. This place is like a block away from me and I go there all the time. It’s the only thing in this shitty town that is worth anything. lol

    21647 E Lincoln Hwy
    Lynwood, IL 60411

  49. Lori says:

    I just wanted to know when you’ll be adding more locations for the filming later in season 4 🙂

  50. Ghost Enemy says:

    I went down there today, there were a few characters down there checking what we were doing. We sAw a woman coming out of Frank’s house 2119 s Homan we asked to take a pic she said cool. I gave her 20 bucks for inconviencing their home on a Sunday morning , I say if you go down there just be respectful, bangers or not their home has a right to privacy even though it is featured in a hit show. How would you folks feel if people kept pulling up snapping pics of you house with your cars in the drive and your family in the yard? I am ALL White with a shaved head and today was my first visit to CHicago EVER, I had nothing but a good time and I got a pic of me leaning right on the front yard fence of the Gallagher house. I felt more uncomfortable visiting the Home Alone house, maybe being raised in the trailer park made me give off that hood feel either way we had a great time visiting the Shameless Chicago locstions (

  51. Jessica says:

    I just went to the Gallagher’s house last Sunday! I was visiting family that live right downtown Chicago in a really nice area but when we (my sister and I) were coming back home (we’re from Ontario, Canada) we decided to GPS 2119 S. Homan and we were just around 15 min. So we went! it was around noon on a Sunday so I guessed it was ok…. We were brave until we got there, we literally ran out of the car, took a pic and left. There were some people in the house right across and they kept talking to us.. I wasn’t sure what they were saying and didn’t want to engage just in case but I remember the words “taking pictures…” so I thought maybe they were mad. My sister said she saw the one lady smiling so maybe they weren’t. They were right on their front porch just sitting and talking. We live in a very suburbian area so I do think the area looked pretty ghetto but I think if you go in broad daylight and take a picture fast, you should be OK. If you’re a girl, take a guy with you. We were just two girls so it was scarier that way.. and I’m sure the Ontario plates don’t help either!
    It was really cool though! The house looks awesome!

  52. Dustin says:

    I was traveling down Cermak and decided to hit Ogden and check out the houses from the show. Honestly, I wasn’t comfortable slowing down enough to take a look. Mind you, I am from the South Side. Being that it is the middle of July and it was close to 8PM, this has to be the worst time you could drive through that block. I imagine the neighborhood is less intense on a Sunday morning in February, but please be warned this area is not safe. I feel comfortable in 80% of the city and I was definitely getting the you need to leave now before something happens vibe.

  53. Amanda says:

    does anyone know when they’re gonna be filming season 4? i live in chicago and i would really like to drop by.

  54. Ben says:

    I’m from Australia, i’m sure the “locals” would love to have a chat to me. If you act like a punk you will be dealt with like a punk, be cool. say GDAY, take a pic, smile, and move on. Sup’ chicago, aussies are coming! 😉

    • jd&oj says:

      Umm, Ben (the Aussie)

      How was your visit?

      I’ll be there soon and am tempted to visit this neighbourhood. Not sure though, I’m travelling solo and I’m female. Did the accent help? LOL

      A fellow Aussie!

      • jd&oj says:

        Here’s an update – I did it, I went for a walk past all 3 houses!

        I’d travelled a long way to visit the awesome city that is Chicago so I thought it would be chickening out if I just rode the pink line back and forth to catch a glimpse of only two houses, so instead I got off at Central Park station and walked under the L track towards Kedzie station. That route runs right past both the Milkovich & Jackson houses, & a short deviation up & down S Homan Ave to see the Gallagher house. I went alone at about 2pm on a Sunday in August.

        I was a little anxious and felt like I was intruding and snooping (which I was) so I walked with purpose, didn’t dawdle and didn’t make it obvious I was taking pictures.

        Yeah, the neighbourhood is far from gentrified, particularly the Milkovich house which has seen better days, but real people live around there and do the best they can like the rest of us. I did hear sirens in the distance, and a cop car drive past me twice with, I noticed the only other two white people I saw. It’s nowhere near as white a neighbourhood as Shameless presents, but that’s a TV show after all.

        I was so glad I visited the neighbourhood and I fell in love with Chicago overall; I can’t wait to get back there!

  55. Chad says:

    Went to 2119 s homan. Saw the house and the Showtime film crew was there. They said that filming will start on Monday. Neighbor hood wasn’t the best but did not feel threatened. Love shamless!!

    • jd&oj says:

      How was your visit?

      I’ll be there soon and am tempted to visit this neighbourhood. Not sure though, I’m travelling solo and I’m female. Did the accent help? LOL

      A fellow Aussie!

      • Janine says:

        For fellow Aussies, I took my kids to Warner Brothers for a tour. My 13 year old was a PLL fan and I told the driver I loved Shameless. He took us to what was then the market that Ian worked in and is now the diner that Fiona works in with yummy Dermott Mulrony. Frequently outside the window you see the steps to the A train- same ones Dr Green used in in ER.
        Then we drove past a sound stage we’d been past a few times , for reasons unknown to me- I did a gasp when I realised Debbie and Carl waiting to cross over. They asked if I’d like my photo taken and were very nice, chatting about the show. The driver said he knew we’d probably run into them eventually as they tend to wander about! It really made the day special. Then he showed us the bar which I found depressing, it always looks like Kev’s in Chicago when he’s outside the bar, snow etc.
        And the alley beside it is the one where Eddie Murphy is beaten up in

  56. shell says:

    Any idea where they are filming now? as in august 30th 2014. id love to stop by and see it.

  57. semperfi1371 says:

    NOTE: It has been noted by several readers that the area(s) where they film in Chicago are not the safest of neighborhoods, so I wouldn’t recommend going to check them out without the benefit of a police escort.

    The area in question is Pilsen. It is not an “unsafe” neighborhood, it’s actually gentrifying, meaning like Wicker Park, Bucktown, Logan Square, etc., the artist types are taking over and it will likely soon be the next “go to” ‘hood in the city, followed by Bridgeport. Is there trouble there? Yes, as there is in virtually every other neighborhood in Chicago, but they’re not all considered “bad”. Only northsiders and suburbanites consider the area ” bad”! Hell, anything south of Roosevelt is bad to them! Give it another year, white urban yuppies will be pushing pricey strollers down cermak, maybe even down 26th past cook county jail! (The greystones on California are fantastic!)
    Or maybe I just love my South Side Irish roots…

  58. semperfi1371 says:

    Oh by the way, they’re allegedly domiciled on Wallace, which is nowhere near Pilsen in reality! (it doesn’t start til 25th and is a full 3 miles east of Homan…)

  59. Kati Rose says:

    Does anybody have any idea where the church the baby’s baptism was at in the last episode of Season 4? I’m awed by the architecture and stained glass.

    • Geoff says:

      The exterior of Mickey walking in was 2226 S Whipple St in Chicago. The interior is actually 540 S Commonwealth Ave in LA. Apparently I forgot to add the locations for the last 2 episodes.

  60. Jordan says:

    What about the place of the last episode of season 4 “lazarus”. Where frank just got a new liver and carl took him to a place where frank was yelling at God or something.

  61. abby says:

    Filming locations for season 5, episode 3. The bar Fiona is in is t c ‘ s cocktails in San pedro, as is the subsequent street scene. The diner where Frank’s daughter “dates” the junkyard guy is the whale and ale, also in pedro. The demo yard where lip is working is the parking lot behind the San pedro brew co. Also in pedro.

  62. James says:

    I’m from the south east side of chicago. These shameless locations are in sweet neighborhoods to sumbody like me I drove to the Jackson house hopped out the car and took a selfie all by my self. The neighborhood looks horrible but it’s not as bad as it looks

  63. Renee Law says:

    what is the name of the little cafe Fiona works in. Pies? or what?

  64. Areyon Russell says:

    Who the author of shameless?

  65. ryan mega says:

    on season 5 ep 7 fiona breaks the news of her adultery to her new husband on the rooftop. across/ adjacent is a beige, brown brick building with a black water tower on top. Can you give the location? Native Chicagoan, but can’t remember what neighborhood I stayed in when I saw that. And hoping its not really L.A.


  66. Jj says:

    Hi Geoff

    Do you have an email address? I took snapshots of an episode I was watching I was trying to see if filming was done inside the Gallagher house.

    I want to send you the pics comparing the actual house to one from the show.
    It seems that filming was done inside also.

  67. Katie says:

    Does anyone know where and when season 6 will be filmed? Would love to meet some of the case if possible….thanks!

  68. Mike says:

    where was the scene with Ian and Mickey filmed at the baseball park. looks like my old high school…

  69. Chipie says:

    Drove by Gallagher, Kev & V and Jackson houses 5/2015. Took pictures from our vehicle. Not great neighborhood but no one bothered us at 3 in the afternoon. The streets are narrow with cars parked on both sides. Would not want to get boxed in.
    Some of the comments on here almost deterred us. I’m very glad we took the risk and went. It was a highlight of our Chicago trip.

  70. Janesays says:

    Drove by houses in May, 2015. Got great pictures from the car. We were there around 3:00 in the afternoon. Not great neighborhood and did not get out of the car. Definitely worth the risk and the drive. Highlight of my trip to Chicago.

  71. Daniel says:

    Hi, I’d like to know which beach they filmed the last episode at . Thanks

  72. Kat says:

    Season 5 finale has Frank and Bianca in Costa Rica. Although it looked like it could actually be a beach in Costa Rica – and the Imperial beer added some authentication – where was it actually filmed?

  73. Ivy says:

    Some of you asked when filming starts and where. Not sure but I just got notice in my apartment that my street is closed for three days cause shameless will be here! I have three huge windows facing the street I’ll try to snap pics for you all!!!

  74. Nadia says:

    My hubby just called & said he drove past William Macy just now on Cermak near Kedzie. 11:50 am on Monday Dec 14, 2015

  75. Rico says:

    Does anyone know where Patsy’s Pies is located?

  76. Renee Marie says:

    I went 2 years ago May. To the Gallaghers, V and Kevs and the house in between that Tony bought and to Sheila’s house. Went to the Addams/Wabash L platform and a few other locations as well. I was 6 months pregnant and it wasn’t scary. My friend lives about 10 mins from the Gallagher house. Took pictures. And, as Rico said, where’s patsy’s pies? Anyone know?

  77. Shayne says:

    Went by the Gallagher house yesterday. Neighborhood wasn’t even bad and I’m from Oklahoma City.. So don’t be a pansy. If you wanna see it, go see it and just be respectful of others and make it quick 🙂

  78. Geoff says:

    What hotel was used for the Ian & professor scenes in season 6 episode 4?

  79. Al says:

    Season 2 episode 1 has a sequence where Fiona is having sex in a park with a guy by the water and there’s a rather spectacular view of the Chicago skyline in the background. The location isn’t included in the list and I can’t seem to find an equivalent locale on Google Street View.

    • Al says:

      Further to my post just now, I did a little detective work on Street View and found the location of the sequence. It’s North Avenue Beach, and I think I found the exact spot where the scene was filmed as there’s a tree and power pole that line up with part of the sequence and the angle is right on the downtown buildings. It’s possible they might have filmed it a little further up but I doubt it based on the horizon and the fact it was a topless sex scene and i doubt they would have filmed too much closer to the nearby Castaways restaurant. If someone wants to add it in:,-87.6225801,3a,75y,175h,89.12t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sw0oO9_VDvRd9lH2UCt_4KQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1

      • Al says:

        Reading some of the other replies this is actually just west of the location cited elsewhere in this thread from the “Lazarus” episode in Season 4 where Frank yells at god. Guess that means they weren’t banned for filming a sex scene there a couple years earlier. LOL I agree with the comment made elsewhere here that the view looks amazing, even in Street View, so I can’t blame them for wanting to use the location a couple of times.

  80. Shelly says:

    Love behind the scenes … film locations.

    Laughing at some scenes…how it is Chicago, but clearly it is a Los Angeles environment. Fiona running at her school..and there are mountains and smog…so LA! To confirm I find this site…sure enough much of the scenes are in the So Cal area, as believed to be.

    Found a YouTube video…. and it shows the stage for the G House amazing. Love it, as stages are…. a crammed, single level, multi room, false walls, 3 step stairway…. interior film location.

    Great info… thanks! 🙂

  81. PhiL K says:

    I’ve personally went to the neighborhood after a Bulls game one night a few years back……probably not the best block but I never felt threatened or in danger and got some pretty good pics……and we are talking about 1045-11 at night

  82. Rob says:

    Does anybody know if the directors/producers have ties to Connecticut?

    I’m from Bridgeport and they referenced Bridgeport and New Haven in the 5th episode of season 2.

    Thanks in advance

  83. Jessica says:

    I was on vacation in Chicago a few weeks ago and was able to go to the Gallagher house, Kev and V’s house, and the Jackson house. It was so cool to see it in person! I wasn’t intimidated or nervous by the neighborhood at all. There were several neighbors hanging out on their porches and in the street. A group of older men in the street kind of laughed at me when I got out of the car to take pictures, and I heard him say, “Ooo they’re from California!” (my license plate), but I just waved, they waved back, and I was on my way. So glad I went.

  84. kermit says:

    Great site!! Thanks for all the time and effort you put into developing it and keeping up to date!

  85. Paul P says:

    The diner that Fiona gets a job at is actually 4744 N. Broadway not 4744 N. Racine. Its Golden House Pancake House. Great place to eat on Sunday mornings. 🙂

    • Geoff says:

      You are correct. I knew it was the Golden House, but when I pulled up the map, it appears to be on Racine, so I mistakenly listed that as the street name. Thanks for the clarification though.

  86. Nina says:

    Just went to the Gallagher house on Saturday before I attended riot fest at Douglas park which was only a mile away from where I got off the L. The neighborhoods near this house definitely look sketchy but if you’re going during the day it’s probably fine. There was a cop a block over observing from his car. I’m from flint Michigan so I wasnt intimidated, I see worse everyday. It was a great experience and I’m so happy I got to go check it out and get a picture. Don’t be scared off, remember most crimes are for a reason and most muggings don’t happen in broad daylight.

  87. jordyn says:

    anyone know when the next dates of filming are??? I’m dying to meet the cast

  88. Jess says:

    I went to where Frank yells at God(North Avenue Beach) and man oh man isn’t it one of the most beautiful views I’d ever seen! I’ll probably visit the Gallagher house tomorrow! Chicago is a beautiful city in general though! If you ever go, I would highly recommend exploring everything you can in the Downtown Area!

  89. Julie says:

    Does anyone know the address of the professor Lip was with? She had a big, beautiful house and was wondering if it was in Chicago or not. I think her name was Elise but can’t remember for sure.

  90. I love reading the comments about visiting the house at 2119 South Homan Avenue. My grandparents bought that house in 1953 and raised six children of their own there before selling it almost 30 years later. Fond childhood memories.

  91. Summer Urban says:

    Just went to the Gallagher house and Kev and V’s house. Went at like 11:00 am, was not scared at all. Took pictures on the decks, sat in their chairs, even went around to the back yard and tool pics on the deck. Met the Grandson of the owner of the house and he was VERY friendly. Told me I could take pics, that his Grandmother didn’t mind at all. He was very nice.

  92. Maca says:

    where’s season 7?(:

  93. Mal says:

    Just wondering if anyone knows about the area that the Alibi is in? Is it safe for some white kids from Wisconsin to go and get some drinks? haha

  94. Matt says:

    Any idea where the Church that fiona was supposed to get married at in Season 6 is located along with Where The season 6 Finale with lip going into Rehab is located at?

  95. Hillary says:

    I was watching season 6, and in episode 8 or 9, Fiona is in the loop standing on Jackson and Wabash under the el tracks. I noticed the background looked familiar and realized it was my office building, we are right next to the red CNA building.

  96. Lexi says:

    To the person who said that you can tell if someone is not from Chicago just by the way you carry yourself is so true. Most likely if you are in a rough neighborhood ‘site seeing’ the cops will stop you.. Most likely they think you are lost or buying drugs. Now, I live on south east side of Chicago more east near 79th and stony island … Im white.. And the cops don’t ever mess with me b.c for one I’ve live here for years so they more then likely know I’m a local and I guess I just blend in. I grew up in little village tho! P.s I LOVE SHAMELESS <3

  97. Kaitlyn says:

    I am visiting Chicago this evening and tomorrow and I fully intend on going to the Gallagher house at least. My thing is, everyone is talking about how unsafe and bad the neighborhood is YET onviously you all went and nothing happened. Probably just hyping yourselves up over nothing. I won’t be able to go until 6 or 7pm though so it’ll probably be kinda dark by then which sucks. Will let everyone know how it goes! And thank you to the people who accumulated all of these locations, it is appreciated.

  98. Jen D says:

    Curious about where Monica’s boyfriend Walter lives…I recognized the truck stop right away…so I know It’s further south…maybe Wilmington or Braidwood area…not sure if anyone knows for sure?

  99. Chris says:

    On my way! There from The bean (Boston) now .. I’m from the projects here so let’s see how it compares

  100. beyonce says:

    does anyone know where the middle school carl and debbie go to?

  101. beyonce says:

    do you guys know where the church where fiona got married at i used to go do CCD there its cool to know i was there also but it looks diffrent in the show and i forgot the name

  102. Courtney says:

    My bf and I just went to the house at around 7pm when it was dark. We got out, walked around, and took pics. The neighborhood is sketchy and there are people out walking around, but no one said anything to us and we never felt threatened.

  103. Scott Troy says:

    S1 E12 – Steve waits for Fiona at the airport. Supposed to be O’Hare. Looks like LAX?

  104. Bee says:

    LOL the comments on here are hilarious, our neighborhood isn’t that bad the show films down the block from the police station, if you want good pictures go during the day because the lighting is better.

  105. Steve Inicis says:

    Was just there over the weekend and owners couldn’t have been nicer. About 20 – 25 people there when we were there. Took a lot of pictures and sat on the front porch. Yes, it a sketchy neighborhood, but keep your street smarts with you and you will be fine. The other houses in the show are a block away or so and not many people at those. I recommend entering the area from the South direction.

  106. Darin says:

    When visiting the gallager house can you just take a taxi or uber ride there and back instead of having to drive your vehicle. I want to drive past the house but have read lots of different views on doing so.

  107. Marielena Hernandez says:

    What year was it when you guys filmed in Lincoln heights when carl met Bonnie’s mom???

  108. Taylor says:

    I’ll be going to the houses on Saturday, I’ll let everyone know how it goes. Btw, the neighborhood isn’t as bad as every says. My grandma lives 22 minutes away from the houses and it’s not sketchy at all. Just get out, take pictures, then leave. 🙂

  109. Hector says:

    Season 6 apeisode 12

    Anyone know where that church is? Looks familiar but I have no idea what it’s called. Is it in Chicago?

  110. WhoNose says:

    Anybody know what the area where Ian and Mickey fight about Mickey getting married in season 3 episode 9?

  111. Tee says:

    Does anyone know if Pattsys is here in Chicago

  112. Simplyshameless says:

    Went this past weekend to the Gallaghers, kev & vee’s, the jacksons and the milkovich house. To be honest the Gallagher house looks a ton nicer in person than in the show (obviously). However, I was a bit confused about the Milkovich house. It was an abandoned house, windows all broken out with the front door hanging wide open. (Trust me, the extremely curious side of me REALLY wanted to walk right in there and check it out, but seeing the neighborhood it’s located in who know who’d be in there…) I understand that most scenes are shot in areas other than Chicago, and not in the actual houses. But, how do they get even the outside shots if the house is literally a run down abandoned building? Odd. I also saw a posting that said that it has been run down for QUITE some time. Anyone care to enlighten me on this? 🙂

  113. Simplyshameless says:

    Also, I think that it’s important that I comment on the “neighborhood” since everyone seems to be concerned. Alright, it is not a good neighborhood. But it TRULY is not as “scary” as everyone makes it seem. I am not a local, I am a small-town white (and blonde) girl. I stayed in the Logan Square neighborhood for my weekend in Chicago and took the L to get to the neighborhood where the homes are located. I walked to each of the homes (it’s a few blocks walk from the L station), snapped a pic at each (I was QUICK about it, try not to look like a tourist if you’re scared about being “noticed”). I’m pretty sure I walked past a drug dealer posted up at one of the street corners (I walked within 2-3 feet of him, the sidewalks are tiny), kept my head up, did not act like I “don’t know where I am” and was not remotely bothered. Respect others space and you’d be surprised and how not scared you are. Good luck everyone, it’s definitely worth seeing!

  114. Halee says:

    Hi! Does anyone know where season 8 is going to be filmed? Or where if there is a chance to see the show being filmed at any point?

  115. Marcus says:

    Just left the house I went to gallhgers & Sheila’s I walked I just want to kno next time they are filming there ?

  116. Kate J says:

    What about patsys/laudromat? Not seeing that locale above..

  117. Mark says:

    Season 5, Episode 2 – The public pool is Douglas Park Pool near Collins Academy.

  118. Fred says:

    The market where Fiona works is the” super a ” market on York Blvd in highland park .
    And the going to camp scam was shot behind the market on Lincoln and 53.
    Also the scene where lip pulls the cover off the ice cream truck was filmed at “Dr Franks” auto on York and 53.
    All this right next to my house! Got to watch the filming. Wow!

  119. Fred says:

    Shameless will be filming at the super a market. 5250 York in highland park .
    And across the street.
    On 9/25/17 7am to 7pm.

  120. Vranz says:

    Thanks for that information! I wonder if there is the spot, where they filmed the scene at the lake, where the skyline is in the background? Frank is there a couple of times, sometimes drinking whiskey.

  121. Jessica Aasve says:

    Will they be filming anytime soon in Chicago in November 2017??

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  123. lori says:

    why hasn’t this blog been updated?!?! *SAD FACE*

  124. Fritz says:

    They are filming another season right now. Just left WB studios yesterday 8/4/18. They are in production.

  125. Chelsea W HILL says:

    So excited for Season 9!!!!!

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  130. Strella says:

    My daughter was in the filmimg day at Pasadena Catholic Church with nuns.
    Sep 5 2018.
    When can see this episode?
    Thank you

  131. Alberto says:

    I go with my girlfriend in two weeks to Chicago and we want to visit the house of the Ghallagers. Is it safe? Any tips to visit the area without much danger? Thank you

  132. Sue Ellen Bentley Butler says:

    Absolutely love the Gallagher’s. Just want to tell all the cast Great Job!!!!

  133. Kayte says:

    Why isn’t this blog updated anymore? 🙁

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